Sunday, 6 May 2012

Birthday and leaving picnic in Centennial Park

I'm not usually one for birthday parties. Most years it is a date that I let slip past relatively unnoticed. However, after I made the decision to move home a joint birthday and leaving party seemed the only decent thing to do.

Us Brits love the idea of a picnic in the rain, so I decided to organise a late Autumn party in Centennial Park. Thankfully the rain stayed away and it wasn't too cold, although jumpers were the order of the day!

I had a really enjoyable afternoon relaxing by the lake and chatting with all my friends. I'm grateful to everyone who came along to share the afternoon with me.

Although the thought of cooking was appealing it was far too much to contemplate in the middle of arranging an international move.

Instead I decided to order food from Madam Cha Cha in Surry Hills. The ordering process was a little painful, but it turned out to be a great option. All of the food was delicious and fresh. I've asked a couple of questions since my order and the customer service has been very helpful.

I ordered way too much food and there were enough left overs to feed half the office the next day too!

Homemade white sourdough rolls

The rolls coloured slightly uneavenly in the oven, but I was happy with the taste. The rolls are likely to be the last batch of sourdough I make with my starter here in Oz.

Madam Cha Cha jumbo salad: Quinoa with roast eggplant, peas and beans with feta,
 roasted and marinated chickpea and beetroot & pearl barley with sumac

The beetroot salad was my favourite. The pea and bean salad was popular too.

Catering size: roast pumpkin couscous & roast cauliflower and broccoli with feta

A mixture of Portuguese and roasted chickens

The quarter chickens were huge, easily enough for one person. I think it would be good if they offered the option to cut them into eighths.  I didn't try the Portugues chicken, but it apparently wasn't that spicy.

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  1. great day for a picnic. thanks for the invite.