Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cycling to Cronulla

Having decided to give running a break for a while, I've switched to Sunday morning cycling.

I've cycled to La Perouse a few times and looking for a longer route decided to try a trip to Cronulla last weekend. Routes south of the city involve some quite major roads which I wasn't looking forward to. But not being able to find any alternatives I headed south on the Princes Highway anyway.

Setting off early the road was quiet, if not very attractive. Just like on Parramatta Road car shwrooms seem to dominate.

When I got down to Taren Point the road opened up to three lanes and the speed limit rose to 80 kph. Honestly I got a bit scared so jumped over the barrier and decided to hit the back streets.

As I was winding my way through the side streets I got chatting to another cyclist who showed me a cycleway all the way to Cronulla. He also told me about a route which would cut out most of the Princes Highway on the way back too.

It was still pretty early when I got to Cronulla. It was more tiring than I thought getting down to Cronulla so had a quick rest by the surf club watching the run rise and lots of kids playing on the beach.

On the way back I tried to follow the route my cycling companion had described to me through Ramsgate all the way to the start of Cooks River. I was on a cycle route for a while, but lost the signs and ended up having to re-join the Princes Highway. It was a lot busier at 9am and a bit more intimidating, but I got home ok!

I cycled 55km which might be the furthest I've ever been in one go. I don't know why, but I have the target of getting up to 100km.

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