Sunday, 18 March 2012

THE BLOCKS: wine, art and lots of glamorous people

Thanks to Simon Leong for inviting me to be his guest for the evening at THE BLOCKS launch party.

I've run round the wharves at Walsh Bay on many an early morning. Admiring the luxury apartments, cafes and Sydney Theatre Company as I went. It had completely passed me by that one of the old warehouses is totally empty. Inside is an amazingly large open space with rough wooden walls and floors. It looks completely untouched since it's days as a commercial dock.

I love old industrial space like this and if I had the money I'd snap it up right away!

The glamorous and the beautiful of Sydney's social scene were out in force. As I stood back quaffing my red wine I saw a few faces from TV and couldn't help but notice all the beautiful women. Would I ever get invited to events like this back in London? I think not.

The art work has been created by British designer Faye Toogood in collaboration with Penfolds wine. In the centre of the room there are five enormous wooden sculptures which are supposed to be evocative of different styles of wine. Definitely an interesting concept, but I wasn't sure about smelling perfumed wood. More natural wood aromas would have been my preference.

It was a very enjoyable evening.  As the night progressed the canapés and Penfolds wine flowed. I thankfully managed to time my last glass of red perfectly. Enough booze to send me to sleep, but thankfully no hangover.

THE BLOCKS is open for the next three weeks. Free to enter and view the art work (wine and food are charged) it is worth checking out if you are in Walsh Bay.

My thanks to Simon for the invite and copyright acknowledgement for the photos.


  1. I'm hoping someone will post the menu and prices for the food and drinks soon.

  2. I'm sorry but I will be taking it that I'm one of those beautiful people, lol!