Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tet: The most random thing I've done in a long time

A Twitter exchange with Amy alerted me to the Tet (Vietnamese New Year) festival at the Fairfield Showground during the last weekend in January.

I didn't have any plans for the Sunday so decided to go along and check it out. The festival was VERY hard to find out about online, which in hind sight should have been a warning sign. Discovering it was open from 11am to 11pm I set forth to check it out.

Arriving about one o'clock I was hoping for some Vietnamese treats for lunch. I paid my $7 entrance fee and entered the 'show'.

The was literally NO ONE THERE.

The main tent was empty, the stage was silent and some of the stalls were deserted shells as well.

I did manage to get some lunch, but it wasn't the Vietnamese feast that I was hoping for.

On my way out of the show I popped inside the trots stadium, another random blast from the past. I did a triple take at the large bank of old and dusty cathode ray TV screens. They were all turned off, but I'm assuming if they work, the TVs are used for showing races from around the country. The must be collecting them from second hand shops!

Despite the totally random afternoon and failure in securing an Vietnamese treats I quite enjoyed my afternoon excursion. I had a good cycle ride and I haven't been outside of central Sydney for a while.

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