Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Noel Gallagher @ Enmore Theatre

Q: What's the definition of getting old?
A: Sitting down at a gig.

Q: When do you know you are geriatric?
A: Yawning during the encore!

Both of the above facts are sadly true.

Last Monday I went with my friend Dave to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at the Enmore Theatre. My friend Dave booked the tickets and selected seats up in the circle, but I was pleased he did. The marathon training was taking its toll.

Perhaps it was my tiredness, or maybe it was because we were up in the circle a distance from the stage. However, I didn't think the gig was that good.

When Noel did interact with the crowd he was quite funny. However, he didn't speak until after the third song and then he didn't exactly say much.

He played eight or nine tracks from the ablum of his new band, and the rest of the set was made up of Oasis classics. Unfortunately Noel's vocal was too low for the entire gig so it could be difficult to hear him sing.

Back in the mid / late nineties I was into Brit pop as much as the next teenage school boy. Lyrics that were once cool sounded a bit weak. Some of the rhymes really are schocking. I beginning to think Brit pop ended for a reason.

I'm usually a fan of any live music. There's something more energising and engaging about a gig. However, this time I left slightly disappointed.

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  1. I hate standing up at concerts too...I like an early concert and nice seat near the front. If only they served tea & scones too. LOL.