Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Are bananas good for hydration?

For the past six to nine months I've been feeling permanently dehydrated. A thirst that just wouldn't go away.

At first I thought it was all the run training I was doing during summer for the Great Ocean Road and then Gold Coast marathons. But even as winter descended and I stopped training, I couldn't get rid of the thirst.

I've tried all sorts of daily supplements, been adding increasing amounts of salt to my food and even visited a specialist sports dietitian. Nothing seemed to work.

Then a couple of weeks ago, one of the instructors at my gym mentioned the importance of eating a banana before the class to help with hydration. I knew bananas were good for slow release energy, but they can stop you feeling thirsty too?

Some researching on the internet led me to an article on Livestrong about the importance of potassium and magnesium that can be found in bananas.

I stopped eating my daily banana when the price shot up at the start of the year. I've been eating them again for three weeks and am pleased to report I do feel a lot better.

It all seems quite obvious now, I wish I'd thought of it sooner!

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