Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Restaurant Review: Café Mint, Surry Hills (revisited)

I've previously been to Café Mint for dinner and loved the place. Therefore it was the obvious venue to meet friends for breakfast. Café Mint doesn't open until 9am on Sunday's and arriving early we had to wait for them to let us in. I think it's the first time I've queued for breakfast!

They have some classic breakfast options on the menu, but why would you chose one of those when there are Moroccan delights to be had? Our friendly waiter was able to answer all of our questions about the menu. What is chackchouka?

I ordered the breakfast hummus with lamb mince and pinenuts. The amazingly soft lamb must have been slow cooked for hours. It had a wonderful fragrance from the cumin and Lebanese spice mix, as well as a little bit of a chilli kick. The roasted onion, toast and hummus were the perfect accompaniments. Definitely one to order again.

My breakfast companions ordered a side of the baked beans which were fabulous. Just like the spiced chickpeas on my last visit, it was a side dish which stole the show.

Café Mint is establishing itself as a firm favourite. My only complaint was the $2 per person Sunday surcharge. I hate extras and additions on a bill.

579 Crown St, 
Surry Hills


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  1. Breakfast hummus? That's definitely a new one to me..! Looks yum though!

  2. I LOVE hummus with mince - luckily we live pretty close to Aubrun where it is a mainstay on all restaurant menus 24/7.

  3. Richard, the food looks amazing but I have one question: Why ON EARTH were you even trying to have breakfast before 9am on a Sunday?!

  4. In the last 5yrs I don't think I've ever been up after 9am on a Sunday!!

  5. Up and "out and about banging on the doors of cafes to let you in" are two different things!!

  6. Indeed, but it's rare I'm up as late as 7am, so that gives me a full two hours to be "out and about banging on the doors of cafes to let me in".


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