Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pace running for the Homebush 10k

Most people start running shorter distances and build up to something bigger. I started with three marathons before running my first 'half'. On Sunday I stepped down again taking part in the Homebush 10km.

Rather than running this race for myself I agreed to pace run my friend Linda who was aiming for a sub 45min time. Pace running brings quite a lot of pressure, I had to be able to run a 45min time comfortably. Wheezing across the line in 50mins wouldn't really cut it.

I turned to the trusty Hal Higdon and have been loosely following his advanced 10km program. A couple of weeks ago I managed a 41m 50sec ten kilometers and have done several grueling sprint sessions. Phew, at least I know I can do it!

It was the hottest day of spring so far on Sunday morning and running was pretty sticky.

I felt pretty comfortable during the run and tried to maintain as even a pace as possible. Finishing in the Olympic stadium was fun, it's just a shame they don't have the running track down any more.

I made it across the line in precisely 45mins, but unfortunately Linda's time was 45mins 20secs.

I can't quite decide if I think my pace running was a success or failure. What is a pace runner actually supposed to do? I ran an even pace and hit my time exactly. But would a more experienced pace runner have successfully coached their shadow across the line?

I'm quite keen to run another 10km. Could I do it in under 40mins?

The official race result is here. I was within the top 7% of runners, which isn't bad considering I was taking it easy.

The data from my watch is here.