Monday, 14 November 2011

Jon Muir, Australian explorer

Until last night I thought eccentrics were a uniquely British phenomenon. On Saturday I learnt that Australian's have them too. The explorer Jon Muir is definitely an eccentric.

British charity The Adventurist organise wacky escapades like racing across India in auto rickshaws or driving to the Arctic Circle in a motorbike with sidecar in order to raise money for charity. As a promotional event The Adenturist had organised a lecture by Jon Muir.

The evening was all a bit random. British themed, with an Australian guest speaker. Afternoon tea was served, but it was held in the evening. Located in the Police and Justice museum, which has nothing to do with adventure. Sponsorsed by Hendriks gin was left field.

What wasn't random was Jon Muir's speech. He held the audience captivated for over an hour with his humorous and self deprecating stories. He spent his early life climbing some of the world's toughest mountains. What did you feel when you reached the top of Everest? Relief, I'd been desperate for a leak for hours. I took a piss and then had a cigarette.

Once he'd finished climbing mountains Jon visited both poles unaided, facing down polar bears along the way.

It looks cold

Inside Australia Jon is the only man to have traversed the continent solo and on foot. Constantly searching for water and eating rotting carcasses along the way. It's amazing what you'll eat when you're hungry.

His list of achievement is amazing, but he seems to be someone not many people have heard of. Australian's you really should be proud.

After the speech the Hendricks gin started flowing freely. It wasn't just Darjeeling in the tea cups.

A big thanks to Simon for inviting me as plus one for the night.


  1. He walked across Oz, wow!

    I love the idea of gin out of a china cup, brings new meaning to the term G&Tea.

  2. I've been fascinated by Jon Muir for years now. He is an eccentric but a ballsy one! Brigette Muir is pretty interesting too in her own right, (although I don't think they are together anymore.)
    (To add another adventuring Aussie to your list- Lincoln Hall, have a read of Dead Lucky.)

  3. Brydie - somehow it doesn't surprise me that you'd heard of him! He showed some photos near the end of the presentation that he said were of his wife. Having just checked online they weren't of Brigette Muir, so I'm guessing you are correct they have separated.

    I'll be checking out Lincoln Hall's book.

  4. Lincoln Hall's written a few books, but for me Dead Lucky was just...gob smacking. He was left for dead on Mount Everest. An inspiring read that's for sure!