Sunday, 23 October 2011

North shore walk: Kirribilli to Nuetral Bay

A few weeks ago I decided to explore part of the North Shore, walking from Kirribilli to Nuetral Bay.

I caught the ferry from Pyrmont to Milsons Point. The first stop was to check out Luna Park. My goodness it's tacky! The old fashioned children's theme park felt like it was slowly fading away. I wonder how much longer it will survive?

Under the bridge and hugging the coastline you enter the Henry Waterhouse Reserve which has a fabulous panorama of the Sydney Harbour. I hadn't been to the reserve before. It's quite a secluded spot in which it would be easy to spend some quiet time sitting on a bench soaking up all of the boats that passed by.

Continuing on into Kirribilli we passed the Prime Minister's official Sydney home. I kept an eye out for Julia twitching behind the curtains, but unfortunately couldn't see her. The PM doesn't have a bad view at all!

The route took us inland along some of Kirribilli's smarter streets. I was intrigued by one house which appeared to have an under ground car lift similar to the ones I'd seen in NY parking lots. It must be an expensive area if people can install car lifts!

Via Milson's Park and Anderson Park we ended up at Nuetral Bay Wharf where we grabbed some lunch at the Thelma and Louise café while we were waiting for the ferry. A fun and quirky café with a large selection of garden gnomes!

It was great to visit some new parts of Sydney. I'd like to do some more harbour walks during the spring / summer.

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