Thursday, 8 September 2011

Road ID

When I was doing my marathon training and heading out for a run, I set off with nothing but my keys and sometimes an energy gel or two.

I tried not to dwell, but what would happen if I had an accident? I never carried any identification and living on my own who would report me missing? The terrible Japanese tsunami brought some of the fears more sharply into focus when so many people went missing.

I have belatedly decided to do something about these fears. I have registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office LOCATE website. I have also bought myself a Road ID. The Road ID is a small wrist band with laser engraved personal details on it.

For just over $16 it seems like a bargain. The Road ID website makes suggestions of relevant information to put on the band, name, age, emergency contact details etc... My only gripe would be that it comes with quite a lot of packaging for a small item.

I've worn it out running and cycling a few times so far. It is light and unobtrusive. It felt a bit strange to have something additional on my wrist, usually having a bare right arm, but I'm sure it is nothing I won't get used to.


  1. Interesting concept. I'm not sure I would be too worried about whether the authorities could identify me if I came to an abrupt end, but if you got run over or something then I suppose the hospital could let someone know. Does it have medical info like blood groups and allergies written on it?

    Alternatively, name and address would be useful for me if I was too drunk to explain to a taxi driver where I wanted to go!

  2. BE - yes I completely forgot to say that medical information is a bit part of the idea behind a Road ID. I have 'NKA' (which is apparently well understood in medical circles to stand for No Known Allergies) and 'Organ Donor'. I don't know my blood type, but if I did it would be on there as well.

    Basically, you can put anything you want across six lines of text. There are obviously character limits etc...