Thursday, 9 June 2011

Restaurant Review: Café Morso, Pyrmont

"Have you got a booking?" 

It took me a few minutes to work out what was wrong with that statement. In my experience there are few places left in Sydney that will take a booking for breakfast any more. This makes Café Morso, in Pyrmont, reasonably unique and worth remembering if you are going out for breakfast with a group of friends.

We didn't have a booking, but it wasn't too much of a hardship to wait sitting on the wharf. Being next to Pirrama park with views of Balmain and the Harbour Bridge make the view pretty good.

I'd just got back from accidentally running 30km (serves me right for not planning my route and having to run further home than I expected) and didn't fancy anything too rich or fancy so went for the scrambled eggs with a side of baked beans with onion jam.

Why do café scrambled eggs always seem to look more like an omlette these days? Regardless they were light and pretty tasty. At only $2.50 for the side of baked beans I shouldn't have been expecting them to be homemade. However, with the craze for homemade beans sweeping Sydney at the moment it had me hoping. The onion jam was a nice touch to give the tinned beans an extra zing.

I had a taste of the soft scrambled eggs with gruyere cheese, semi dried cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs on Sonoma sourdough. When I first saw the dish I thought that huge mound of herbs would completely over power everything else. I was surprised from the bite I had that it tasted quite balanced. However, eating the whole dish the herbs did over power everything else. There wasn't a nice strong gruyere flavour that I had in my omlette at Le Petit Creme.

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  1. I was asked if I had a booking at an empty restaurant the other day..!

  2. Wow, booking for breakfast? Would never cross my mind. But at least you had a nice view to look at while you waited. The eggs sure do look nice and fluffy!