Monday, 2 May 2011

The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Where you see grown men shaving the bottom of a cow....

I'm a bit late with my Easter Show post. Life seems to have been quite frantic recently, there almost isn't enough time to blog!

When I think of a country show I think of something quite twee. A couple of marquees situated around a central show field. Inside the marquees would be competitions for the best homemade cakes and jams, the biggest carrots and most beautiful flowers. There would be competitions for the best cow, sheep and goat in the show field. Perhaps a few vintage tractors too.

The Easter Show was like a country fayre on steroids and moved into the city.

With a bit of searching we did find a competition for the best flower. And you couldn't really miss all of the barns holding the animals. One of the sheds allowed you to mix with some of the goats, geese and chickens. The children love the chance to pet some of the animals.

However, overall I didn't really enjoy the Easter Show. It was too big. Too commercial. The WI (or CWA here in Oz) weren't doing the catering. There was nothing twee about it.

While watching a cookery demonstration on the Women's Weekly stage we did get to try some of the flourless chocolate cake with a raspberry topping, so it wasn't all bad.


  1. I think anyone that goes to the Easter Show deserves a bravery award. That many people and children, I don't have the energy

  2. It was pretty big wasn't it. There was a CWA cafe there which was packed as soon as the doors opened, obviously scone enthusiasts :-)

  3. I think you'll find the country town shows have all the "twee" you can poke a stick at. Not that I've been to the Sydney show, but this is the grand mamma of shows, which is what you'd probably expect of a show in a city.

  4. Haha I guess if you're not used to the size of the show it's a bit of a shock to the system ;) Visited this year again and found that we quite enjoyed ourselves, but I can say we probably won't be going again for another long while.