Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's marathon time (again)!

The curious amongst you may have wondered why I was buying trainers from the US recently. Or perhaps you've seen some of my running based tweets?

The Sydney marathon last year wasn't enough to put me off running so I've decided to run the Great Ocean Road marathon on 15th May. I must be nuts!

Last weekend I did my longest training run so far, thirty five kilometers from the city to Bronte, Watsons Bay and then back again. It was absolutely glorious to run along the coast. I haven't walked the stretch between Bondi and Watson Bay before and it has some stunning scenery.

Training has been going ok so far. The program is a lot more intense than my last one as I try to improve my speed. There was a much needed trip to the physio on Monday where I had acupuncture for the first time to relieve the knots in my leg muscles.


  1. Good effort!

    I suppose the second one is easier..?

  2. The Great Ocean Road is hilly, so it might well be tougher! But yes, there isn't the same sense of the unknown as there was last time.