Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's been a long road...

Back in 2004 I hurt my knee out running on Hampstead Heath. I had to limp back home to where I was living at the time in East Finchley for a lie down on the sofa and a packet of frozen peas to reduce the swelling.

It's took me six years before I was able to run pain free again. Ever since that injury I've been very fastidious about my shoes. It was a bit of a revelation the first time I went to a running shop to have my stride analysed and a pair of shoes fitted. Now I wouldn't dream about getting a pair of trainers without one.

I believe my initial injury was partly caused by running in a pair of shoes that were well beyond their best. So I take seriously the advice that you shouldn't run further than 700 - 800km in any given pair before you throw them out.

As you can see my Mizuna's (middle pair) are now shot. My first pair of Brooks (on the left) are nearly done. I liked the Brooks so much that I've since bought two more pairs of the same shoe. My second pair (on the right) are entering their prime and I hope to run the Great Ocean Road marathon in them in less than four weeks time. I've got a shiny new pair waiting to be broken out any time soon.

I was quite surprised to total up that I've run one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven kilometres in the last year. Who'd have thought the gammy knee would have been able to manage that?


  1. Agree. I think I did myself in once by not getting a new pair when I needed them. The longer the training runs the more important it becomes.

    I need a new pair but I have been procrastinating.

  2. you forgot mine Ritchie:

    Brooks, Adrenaline 11 [>5km's]