Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Revolver, Annandale

Going out for breakfast, oh how I've missed you. While the meal in New York is brunch, I genuinely think that Sydney's best time of the day is breakfast. I haven't been out to breakfast in months. What have I been thinking??

It wasn't long before Revolver made me realise what I've been missing. It's everything I think is good about a Sydney breakfast spot: unique, suburban, friendly, buzzing, a little bit funky and most importantly serves good food.

The café opened in a former shop and has retained many of it's original features. The tiling and painted glass being two of the most obvious. It reminds me a little bit of my Welsh grandmother's house.

Despite being full when we arrived the friendly staff soon has us seated, and as we were a little squeezed, thoughtfully offered us a bigger table when one became available.

It's not only the decor that reminds me of my grandmother's house, the plates do too. The eclectic mix of retro plates could have been picked up in a jumble sale.

Not having eaten out for breakfast in a while I was craving a classic: bacon and eggs. I ordered the scrambled eggs, with sumac cured bacon, rocket and fresh tomato. I haven't had sumac cured bacon before and it is absolutely delicious. It was so good that I'm planning to try and recreate sumac bacon at home sometime.

Revolver has definitely wet my appetite to go out for breakfast again soon. The only problem is: where will live up to such high standards?

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  1. Try kids dude. Even having a cooked breakfast at home is a rare thing on a weekend. Lap it up while you can and then have some extra for all the DTWC chaps stuck at home.

    Looks good by the way.

  2. I love breakfast out, but it gets so darn expensive, especially when I can get free free range eggs from my parents. That dish looks delicious though.

  3. this place is great, i love it so much. i'm waiting for the new to return.


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