Sunday, 6 February 2011

Restaurant Review: Gloria's Café, Petersham

After my failed trip to Revolver I was thwarted again by Sydney's summer close down on a trip to Petersham. I was dreaming of some Portuguese chicken at Silvas followed by a custard tart from Sweet Belem only to discover they were both closed!

We ended up at Gloria's Café instead, a home style Portuguese restaurant.

Our favourite dish was the Portuguese Mussells. The sweet mussells were cooked in a spicy tomato broth. The tomato sauce was so good we found ourselves adding it to the other two dishes we ordered to pep them up a bit. It was light, with a good punch of chilli.

We ordered the daily special of arroz con pollo. It was a hearty dish and a good job we were sharing it between three, you'd get rather bloated if you'd ordered it as dish for one! There was plenty of tender chicken on the bone hidden under the brown rice.

Our final dish was unfortunately our least favourite, the fried fish with homemade crisps. The fish has been a bit over cooked and had a tough out layer. By contrast the thick cut crisps were a little underdone. The fish wasn't too bad once you got through the outer layer.

Gloria's might not be the Portuguese star of Petersham, but if are after some home style dishes it's a good option and at $15 a head you can't really argue with the value.

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  1. You Sydneysiders are so lucky to be able to eat well for so little! Even the "cheap" restaurants in London have got really pricey recently.

  2. I've got to say I've had the garlic prawns at Glorias Cafe a number of times for my entree and a few of the mains. If you are heading to this restaurant, make sure you don't eat before hand as the serving sizes are quite big.