Friday, 21 January 2011

Restaurant Review: All American Diner, New Delhi

Suffering from various degrees of the Delhi belly my mum and sister had been trying to avoid Indian food for a couple of days. I'd given up on curry for breakfast but was still happily chomping away on dahl for lunch and dinner. However, on our penultimate day we were nearby the All American Diner and it called to us with an irresistible force. 

Stepping inside the diner was like walking into the set of Happy Days. There was a jukebox, counter stools, booths with red leather seating, 1950's tiling, French's mustard and classic American posters on the walls. The contrast was made all the more stark as we stepped in from Delhi's dusty streets.

Unfortunately as I walked round about to take some snaps I was told that photos weren't allowed...

I went for the chicken and bacon sub. It wasn't the best sandwich you'll ever taste, but then you couldn't really expect it to be. It was refreshing because it wasn't spicy. It was honestly priced too. The place could have been a themed rip-off, but thankfully it wasn't.

Mum went for the apple, cinnamon and walnut pancakes.

For desert I had the banana split. Glacé cherries, squirty cream and three scoops of ice cream. Banana splits are supposed to taste a bit synthetic and like childhood memories, and this one didn't disappoint. It provided me with enough calories to get through the afternoon.

All American Diner
India Habitat Centre
Lodi Colony

The diner is a bit difficult to find. Once you reach the India Habitat Centre ask someone to point you in the right direction.


  1. I would never have thought you'd find a banana split in Delhi. Shame they stopped you taking pics

  2. Richard, that's akin to going to Maccy D's in Bangkok. Hang your head in shame!

  3. It's certainly not what I would've expected to find in Delhi! :-D

  4. @BE - my head is hung in shame...

  5. Haha you went to Delhi for American food? =p Mmm banana split!