Monday, 13 December 2010

Jaipur, Day 1

"Wide streets, neat and clean"
This seemed to be the favourite mantra of the guide we hired while we were in Jaipur. A planned city built in 1727 using a grid layout, the streets certainly were wide. Neat and clean must be relative.

Jaipur was a great  introduction to India, and the Pink City definitely has a lot to keep the tourist entertained. Below are some of the highlights from our first day looking around.

The Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) was a building I recognised as one of India's iconic tourist sites. The five story red sandstone building leans back slightly as it gets taller. It was designed to allow the royal ladies to observe city life without being seen themselves from behind the lattice work.

The iconic photo opportunity is from the street outside, but you are also able to enter the palace and it's well worth a look inside too.

Our second stop was Amber Fort which completely blew my mind. The palace was started in 1592 and was successively developed over the next 150yrs before the capital was relocated to Jaipur 11km away.

The palace was an fusion of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. Built on a grand scale, there was so much ornate marble carving on display that you could barely take it all in. The inner courtyard had thousands of tiny mirrors studded into the walls which was being restored while we were there.

Amber Fort was almost worth the air fare alone. As the holiday progressed I was to learn that lots of India's palaces were built in a similar era and along the same architectural styles. I'll admit to a bit of 'fatigue' by the end of the holiday and not all of the amazing places I visited had the same impact on me as Amber.

James Bond fans might recognise the Floating Palace from the movie Octopussy. At the moment you can't visit the palace, so we stopped for a quick photo from the banks of the lake.

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  1. I must admit, I didn't think much of Jaipur when I was there. Some beatiful buildings, yes, but thta's as far as it went for me

  2. We hired a guide and driver while we were in Jaipur. Amazingly convenient for geting between the sites, but it really does cut you off from seeing what the city itself is actually like. It's not something I usually like to do.

    A bit shocking having spent three days there, but I don't think I can really give you an opinion on what Jaipur as a city was like. I feel a bit ashamed....

  3. It doesn't look so much floating as sinking!

  4. That's probably my photography!

    It was actually pretty interesting. The palace was built in a natural valley first and then a dam built to create the lake.


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