Monday, 20 December 2010

A Distressing Scenario @ Belvour Theatre

"So we all know what basically happened? There was a housing crash in America. Lots of people couldn't afford their mortgages."

On Tuesday night I went to the Belvoir to see A Distressing Scenario at their downstairs theatre. Cheap Tuesday tickets for only $12, excellent!

I hadn't done any research on what to expect, and we actually saw two short plays about the Global Financial Crisis either side of an interval.

The first show was called Everything I Know About the Global Financial Crisis in One Hour.

When the play started I thought it was all a clever metaphor with the game of Monopoly representing the crash. I quickly realised that it was completely absurd nonsense made up by three actresses! It was funny though.

In between each scene they performed an outrageous, shimmering, teeth gnashing, wave your hands in the air, hilarious dance. It was almost worth the ticket price alone. The final scene had me laughing out loud. The three female cast consumed five bottles of champagne between them in under ten minutes! I can't remember what was said, but I don't think it mattered!

After the interval we saw The Market is Not Functioning Properly. The second play was more sombre with videos of world leaders talking of tough times ahead, while the two actresses took out extra credit cards to cover debts and extended their mortgage. Somehow they worked in drinking two bottles of champagne too.

I definitely preferred the laugh out loud humour of the first play.


  1. Yes, it was good in parts. They managed to explain to the lay person the scam which was quite good as I had not really understood it before!