Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Taronga Zoo, Oct 2010

Two Sunday's ago Dave and Kren very kindly let me their pass so that I could pay a visit to Taronga Zoo. Miraculously we had a five hour break in the rain that had been plaguing Sydney all week, in which to enjoy some of Taronga's delights.

By complete chance we caught the lions just before feeding time. When I've seen lions before in zoos they've invariably been hidden in their cages or fast asleep, so it was a real privilege to see them prowling around up close near the front of their cage. Such magnificent animals, no wonder they are king of the jungle.

The bird show is the classic 'must see' at Taronga. If I'm honest I found it quite repetitive after my last visit. However, you can't argue with the magnificent back drop and stunning views.

The seal show has to be my favourite at the zoo. Such amazing animals. They look fat an lumbering, but are incredibly agile both in and out of the water. They also must be highly intelligent as they are able to perform a lot of tricks.

The giraffes have a stunning view of Sydney, which I only managed to partially capture with the skyline in the background.

I've uploaded all my pictures from the day here.


  1. Havn't been to the zoo in yonks, so jealous of the stunning views those giraffes have =D

  2. I love that first photo of the lion. So majestic, stunning and vacant. So tempted to give it a cuddle. And yet you know, if you dared to pet it, you'd have no hand left.