Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Project Hunter: Week 2

This is the second week of Project Hunter, where I am working my way round every stall in the Hunter Connection Food Court. Three consecutive sushi stalls in a row made this Japanese week.

Monday saw a visit to Plat de Japan, which impressively manages to fit a sushi train into the food court. Despite the hybrid name there was no French influence evident. I picked up three sushi rolls and a miso soup to takeaway for the unbelievable value of $5. I selected avocado & salmon, chicken teriyaki and pumpkin tempura sushi rolls. There was a lot of rice in comparison to the ratio of filling. Decent enough, but I'd be prepared to spend a little more money for better balanced sushi rolls.

Next up in Japan street was Sushi Corner. Having already had sushi once this week I selected chilli pork rice ($6.50). There were generous amounts of pork, which was hot but not crazy spicy. I particularly liked the pickled carrot that accompanied the pork. I think this is a food stall I'll visit again once the challenge is over. I liked how lunch was served on cute little trays, a nice touch of Japanese style.

I asked the stall holders at Miraku Japanese Cuisine what their most popular dish was and followed the crowds ordering the Miso Ramen ($7.50). The ramen took a reassuringly long time to arrive and I could see it being cooked out the back. This was a dish that faded on me. I started off loving the miso flavour and all of the vegetables in the soup; sweetcorn, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage and bamboo shoots. However, there wasn't much meat and the noodles weren't the best quality.

There were only three visits to the food court this week as I took a home cooked lunch to work on Tuesday and Thursday.

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  1. Out of these three I've only been to Miraku. From memory I had the unagi don, crumbed prawns and some ramen dish. Was ok