Sunday, 5 September 2010

Restaurant Review: Din Tai Fung, World Square

I finally made my first visit to Din Tai Fung at World Square last weekend and I'm wondering what too me so long to get there. I certainly hope to go back soon! More or less straight off the plane from the UK, I didn't have the where-with-all to note all the dishes we ate or take any photographs.

I do remember a series of fantastic dishes arriving at our table and every one was a success. We had three sets of steamed dumplings, pork, vegetarian and pork and prawn. Not only did they taste fantastic, but they were beautiful. Such intricate folds!

We had two vegetarian dishes the pickled cucumber you can see above and also fried spinach with garlic which had a great punch of garlic.

A favourite dish that I don't have a photo of (you can see one here) was the fried chicken cutlet. Wafer thin chicken, breaded and deep fried was crunchy and oh so tasty. I think there was more chicken skin than actual flesh, but that's where the flavour is!

Nicely full from all of the savoury dishes we should have stopped, but couldn't resist dessert. The one that created the biggest talking point was Death by Mango* which you can see above. A mound of crushed mango ice, topped with a ball of mango ice cream and surrounded by fresh mango. It wasn't the best thing we ate, but was the most talked about dish. The mango ice cream was my favourite component.

*I can't remember the real name, but Death by Mango is pretty appropriate.

**Photos kindly from Fodder Fan Boy.

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  1. I've only been here once a very long time ago and am well overdue for a return. I remember the dumplings in chilli oil were really nice. The Death by Mango dessert looks pretty good!

  2. We had fun with the mango dessert as well but couldn't finish it (and there was a few of us!). I did like their dumplings though :-)


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