Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thailand: Experiments in Pixelmator #3

It's difficult to explain my love affair with Thailand.

I first visited for a stop over back in 2005. I still remember the intense heat that hit me when I stepped off the plane, then the strange sights and sounds that met me. It was my first time in a developing or Eastern nation and the culture shock is something that I remember very well.

I've visited Thailand on three further occasions since that first day and always had an amazing time. A lot has to do with my good friend John who has a wonderful way of pushing me outside of my comfort zone and getting me to try new things. Then there are also the genuinely warm, fun living, smiling and open Thai people. Such a friendly bunch.

Looking through my photos I realised that I don't have any decent pictures from one of my favourite places!

From left to right we have the Elephant Building. A symbol of the Thai's favourite animal and also a major landmark in northern Bangkok near to where I stay. Don't you think it's a amazing that it does look like an elephant?

Me, a police man and a water pistol, it could only be Songkran! Officially Songkran is the Thai New Year, unofficially it is an excuse for a four day water fight. Just after this photo was taken I entered a water fight with about 1,000 other people. I think I was soaked to the skin within 10 seconds!

The amazing Wat Pho temple in central Bangkok is the middle photo. Home to the amazing reclining Buddha and a completely different style of architecture to anything we get in the West.

The final two photos are a little of Thailand's food. The first is of a cafe in the iconic MBK centre and final picture is of crispy pork rice from my favourite street stall on Phahonyothin road in northern Bangkok.

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