Monday, 9 August 2010

Food Photography Workshop

On Saturday I went to a Food Photography Workshop hosted by Billy at the MuMu grill in Crows Nest.

I was looking forward to learning more on how to use my camera and also to try the food at Mumu which has had a lot of excellent reviews. The course was divided into two main sections, with lunch in between.

In the first half of the course was talked about the different settings on your camera and how to control them. We also covered some of the basics of composition, and tips & tricks on the best way to take photos of food. After lunch we went through some of the fundamentals of editing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. The session was well run with a good balance between practicals and demonstrations.

It was really useful to learn more about how to set up my camera and compose photos. However, there is only so much you can learn in a four hour workshop and it re-inforces the thoughts I've been having for a while of taking a photography class. I'm not sure if I'll ever be one for spending hours editing my photos (beyond croping), but it was interesting to see what was possible.

I had a five minute go at 'touching up' the below photo before I uploaded onto the blog; cropping it, rotating the image to create a horizon, reducing the shadows to bring out the olives and raising the exposure to whiten the table cloth.

I had a little chuckle at the rock star status food bloggers are achieving. One of the participants had come up from Canberra for the day and another wanted photos with all of the food bloggers present. Perhaps I should put in some more effort if you get that sort of adoration!

The food was really good too. The serano ham, deep fried prawns, chorizo and beef were particular favourites. I'll be putting Mumu Grill on my list of places to visit for a full perusal of the menu sometime soon.


  1. So you'll be going out to buy Photoshop & Lightroom then?

  2. how awesome were the prawns! and the dessert platter mmm great seeing ya there!

  3. photography and food, what can be better...

  4. @John - I recently invested in Pixelmator (a cheap basic alternative) and that will do me.

    @Clint - camera club meets food club, you'd be in heaven.

  5. I usually get so caught up in the taste sensations I forget to take photo's..., so this is a timely reminder to take things a touch more seriously in the food pic department. I admit those olives sure do come up a treat... :)

  6. that's great you learnt a few good tips about taking photos with such lovely food. i look forward to seeing you apply all these skills to your future photos :-)

  7. Like you I will need to get myself to a basic photography class, or find time to sit down and actually read my manual and play with my camera settings. It's such a great class though with such a great venue too.