Saturday, 31 July 2010

Corinda, Australian Family History

I recently discovered that I'm not the first family member to move to Australia. A cousin of my grandfather, from who I take my middle name, emigrated with her parents in 1912.

Their ship landed in Sydney and they then moved to the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea. They settled on a farm and stayed there until 1925/6 when they moved back to the UK. I haven't been able to find out why they moved back to the UK, although family legend says a drought may have driven them off the farm.

Once back in the UK they built a house and named it Corinda, which is the name of suburb next to Rocklea. My grandparents still live in Corinda and until recently I had no idea about the Australian origins of the name. I thought it was a Cumbrian term!

On my trip to Brisbane last weekend I went to visit the suburbs of Rocklea and Corinda. Sherwood Road is now home to Brisbane's wholesale fruit and vegetable markets. There are are still some open fields / paddocks at the northern end of the road and a nature reserve. (I think it was called Oxley Creek Common although I forgot to write down the name.)


  1. I know this area fairly well and have been to the markets there once or twice. No farms to be found there now ... it's all industrial and residential. Rocklea is now more known for its car yards!

  2. So interesting to read the journey of the family origins.