Thursday, 10 June 2010

Restaurant Review: Mohr Fish, Surry Hills

I'm going to try and provide a Simon Food Favourites style snapshot review of Mohr Fish, which I stumbled into on a recent Friday night, after drinks at the Beresford.

Mohr Fish is essentially a take away that has tables enabling you to eat in. Being located three paces away from the Shakespeare Hotel they are pretty relaxed about you popping next door to buy a drink and then enjoying it with your food. Essentially a trendy chippy, it's popular with Surry Hills residents.

Above you can see the prawn and fish dumplings which come served with bak choi and a soy based sauce (could have done with a touch more chilli). We followed up the dumplings with blue eye with a mango salsa and cod in a tomato and bean sauce.

Two friends had cautioned me that Mohr Fish is a good meal, nothing special and over priced. I concur.

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  1. hehe i didn't realise i had a snapshot style but that's cool. i really enjoyed their fish and prawn dumplings but i do concur that it can be quite pricey if you eat in. it's a lot more reasonably priced for take away but then you have to find somewhere to eat it. i'm always looking for a good fish and chip place. i wonder if The Battery on Bourke St is open yet in St Margarets Square and if any good? Shakespeare Hotel is a lot more affordable with their $10 meals :-)

  2. I think you have a punchy snapshot style, but I like it. If someone from outside of the food bloggig world arrives at one of our sites they don't want to read War and Peace.

    I just checke The Battery's website and they aren't open until mid-July.

    Have you been to Mongers in either Manly or Bondi? I've heard of nothing but good reviews.