Monday, 31 May 2010

Spit to Manly Walk

I used the excuse of my friend Paul and Sandy's visit to Sydney to tick off another item on my to do list: The Spit to Manly walk. We started off in light drizzle and at one point I thought we'd have to trudge all the way to Manly in the driving rain, but lucky the sun came out and we were treated to a beautiful rainbow (see video). There are some fantastic views along the way and I'd like to do the walk again one day in slightly better weather. The views of the Bather's Pavillion on Balmoral beach only made me want to go even more....

When we arrived in Manly we had some lunch and then bought an ice cream to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. In a moment of complete idiocy I managed to catapult my ice cream onto the floor. Within a matter of moments a swarm of seagulls had descended to enjoy the mint choc chip.


  1. HAHA What a funny video; I've never done that walk yet and I've been living here pretty much my entire life!

    Now why aren't you generous and kind? Feeding your ice cream to the birds :)

  2. It could have been worse - you could have catapulted your ice cream onto yourself!

  3. I am enjoying visiting your neck of the woods vicariously. How lovely and so many things to experience!

  4. We do this walk every now and then, it's really scenic and nice!