Sunday, 2 May 2010

MacBook Pro unboxing

After some debate during the week, and an informative personal shopping session in the Apple store I decided to buy myself a 13' MacBook Pro yesterday.

As we've come to expect from Apple the packaging is very compact and minimalist. As a friend once remarked when buying an iPod Touch "when you spend so much money you'd expect a bit more from the box". But it's good for the environment and saves you carrying anything bulky home.

When you open the box the only thing you see is the MacBook. There is black protective foam on the inside lid of the box. There is also a white box to the right hand side, it's not immediately obvious what this contains.

Underneath the MacBook, and inside the mysterious white box, are the power cords. Apple have given you a couple of options here with their modular system. You can plug the transformer direct into the wall or if you need a longer cable you can use the cable extension.

The modular system means you connect the plug onto the transformer and can presumably get different attachments if you travel abroad (not supplied).

The only other item hiding under the MacBook in the box is the document wallet. Again minimalist; you get a user guide, back up disks, two Apple stickers and a black cloth. (Not quite worked out what this is for yet, cleaning the screen?)

Finally the MacBook Pro itself. A compact, sleek and comparatively light laptop. It has a high quality feel as you'd expect from Apple.

The tech specs for the 13" MacBook Pro can be found here.


  1. enjoy! great decision. Macs rule (in my world anyway). :-)

  2. yep, nice one Ritchie. the black cloth is for the screen, assuming its the highly reflective type then you do tend to notice grubby fingers more...and with all this food your now eating, probably a good thing.

  3. niiiiiiiiiice i love mac i have a mac desktop but been thinking abt getting a macbook pro for a while..

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  5. Mac systems are more a 'state of mind' if anything...they do not 'rule' in my book if you look at all the major problems people are having with them (Apple forums). It's a shame that every other person is getting freezes beyond control on the MBP 2011. It's also a shame how iMacs 2011 have screen issues (color/dust). I was ready to join the hoopla crowd when I discovered the immense issues behind Apple systems. The commercials are a pure fraud in my book. Some people have had to return their 'new' systems up to six or more times to the store!, that is alarming to say the least. I'm still doing my research on Macs as I do want to buy one but hell, with all the issues people are having in even late 2011...I may just stay with PC...why spend more than 25000 dollars for a machine that's going to break down two days later?, it's totally senseless and I cannot be suckered by fancy commercial TV. Best of luck with your machine.