Thursday, 22 April 2010

Stereophonics at the Enmore Theatre

On Saturday night I went to see the Stereophonics play at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown. It was my first visit to Enmore and the first time I've heard the Stereophonics play.

There were a lot of Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English fans at the gig. In many ways it was like a gig in the UK; sticky carpets, sweaty and smelly people. However, the crowd was a bit more civilised without much pushing and surging.

I didn't know many of their recent songs, but was able to sing along to a few of the classics.


  1. How many people were there? I saw them at the Dome a few weeks ago :-) They are a good live band.

  2. It's a pretty small venue, maybe 2-3,000 people were there.

    Did you go to the Dome with Lou? I've still never seen an event there...