Sunday, 18 April 2010

Restaurant Review: Bills Woollaha, and a sighting of Bill!

Is the crown slipping? Is Bill's still as good as it used to be?

On Saturday I went for breakfast at Bills in Woollarha. Having not had the scrambled eggs since my first visit to Bills in 2005 I resolved to try them for a second time. The texture was fantastic; smooth, light and fluffy. However, the flavour wasn't remarkable and I ended up adding quite a lot of seasoning to the eggs.

At the end of breakfast there were six empty plates and satisfied people sitting round the table. The food is still good (or even great), the portions an excellent size and popularity hasn't pushed up the prices. However, Dave made a very telling comment when we were looking at the menus. Five or six years ago Bills was streaks ahead in the Sydney breakfast scene. Now there are a lot of good cafes out there, Bills can still mix it with the best of them, but is no longer out in front.

That's great news if you like to explore new places in Sydney, but slightly sad if you are a Bills fan.

However, when we left the restaurant I saw Bill in flesh for the first time walking down the street with two of his children. It was enough to put a smile back on my face.

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  1. i have still yet to try the Bill's famous dishes as i can't get over the lines required to get in. and besides and want him cooking the breakfast ;-)

  2. MmMm bills i'm dieing to try the ricotta pancakes. Heading there for brunch with the girls in a couple of weeks ive heard great things about his eggs ^_~ and his corn fritters ^_^.

  3. Bill's blog will surely have an entry to say that he saw the great restaurant reviewer Richard Elliot leaving his place with a smile on his face!

  4. @pigged out the eggs, hot cakes and crn fitters have to be the three signature dishes. Perhaps you need to order all three! ;-)

    @BE if only that were true.....

  5. Oh Richie - I will not hear slander against Bills. Esp when you sound more excited about seeing the celebrity chef himself than eating the food! Those hotcakes were damn fine. mmmmm.

  6. It was a tough post to write, but I had to say it as I tasted it.

    I've never had the hotcakes so I think they are the order next time. Butter, honey comb and maple syrup. Surely you can't go wrong!

  7. Did I say that? I must be a genius. However I agree with Pen, those hotcakes were back on form.