Thursday, 4 February 2010

A quick trip to Melbourne

I have just been to Melbourne with work for three days. Nothing too exciting to report as I spent most of my time in the office. I didn't even find any particularly good places to have dinner. Must try harder next time.

I was staying at the Crown Towers hotel which was very nice. The rooms were stylish and had everything you could want including, most importantly, a comfortable bed. The gym and pool were plush, although I hadn't thought to take my swimmers. I don't stay in many hotels, but the Crown is second on my list after the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo as the best place I've stayed.

Dangerously there is a casino in the Crown complex. The photo above is of Jay and I on a roulette table in Las Vegas back in 2008. We were betting on the numbers in the fortune cookies we received at dinner. The numbers worked that night and I've had that scrap of paper in my wallet ever since. I am pleased to report that the fortune cookie still has it's magic and I more than doubled my in the Crown. Thankfully I don't get any buzz out of gambling and can't imagine finding it addictive.

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