Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks

Seeing the fireworks in Sydney was must. The BBC always make them look so good when they are trailing how other places around the world have celebrated the arrival of New Year.

Sydneysiders go into the celebrations in a big way. Virtually every scrap of land in the city with a view is camped on. Only having a picnic rug would seem, well, rather English. There were tables, chairs, umbrellas, tents, coolers (eskies) and virtually everything else you can think of.

I spent NYE with my friend Kerensa and her family, who had secured us a spot in Pyrmont Park at 10:30am! (We probably didn't need to be quite that early, but in some parts of the city you do.) With a great view of the bridge.

From 8pm onwards there are fireworks on the hour like the chime of a clock. At 9pm there is a full blown children's display centred around Darling Harbour. (I think the theory being the little kiddies can then go to bed.) The clock - continuing the metaphor - then increases it's frequency with chimes at 11:30 and 11:45, before whoosh! The Harbour Bridge lights up.

Apologies for the slightly shaky camera work. A rather nice Tasmanian champagne was being consumed at the same time.

If you hear a mobile phone beep during the movie, that was my mum texting me to wish me a happy new year.

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