Sunday, 31 January 2010

Restaurant Review: Tilley's Canberra

On the Sunday morning of our weekend in Canberra we had breakfast at Tilley's. Part seedy New York jazz club, part alfresco cafe it's difficult to know how to describe Tilley's. Primarily a piano bar in the evening's the interior is moody with dark walls, tables and flooring. It's the type of place that you could discretely snuggle into a booth and not be seen by most of your neighbours. Outside there are are lots of cool retro tables and chairs, as you can see above.

For breakfast I ordered the baked beans. It was more a vegetable stew with carrots, onions and celery as well as haricot beans. The tomato sauce was good with a background taste of subtle spice. Paprika? Cumin? I liked the addition of the rough pesto, but Clint didn't, thinking it took away from the dish.

What distracted from the baked beans was the fly I found in my breakfast. The baked beans are something you'd make in a big batch and then serve up quickly, however, they obviously didn't keep them properly covered.

An interesting venue, I'd happily give Tilley's a second chance as long as I didn't find any more critters in my food!

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  1. Baked beans with pesto is something I hadn't ever considered. Might try it!

  2. It wasn't your regular pesto, a milder home made version. I'd just try a small amount of the regular stuff.

    Thinking about it now, it is not such a silly idea. Don't the French have something called pistu, which is a pesto style ingredient they stir into dishes / sauces?