Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It doesn't feel like Christmas..........

It doesn't feel like Christmas. I'm not trying to be all bah humbug, it's just that the Christmasy feel has hit me yet.

When I think about what defines Christmas for me, in the run up to the big day I think about: winter, short days, Christmas carols, decorating the tree and rubbish Christmas lights on high street to name a few.

Then there are all of the rituals. Christmas Eve drinks with the neighbours and the whole village turning up at the pub for the once a year catch up. It's a family time; opening my stocking with my sister and Christmas lunch round my parent's dining table. It's been the same for the past twenty eight Christmas' in a row.

This year I don't have any of that. It all feels a bit wrong.

Some great friends have invited me to spend Christmas with them and I know in a short time I am going to be thrown into all of the Aussie rituals. I'll have a fantastic time. But right at this moment Christmas fever hasn't hit me yet and if I'm honest I feel a little bit sad.


  1. Someone needs a hugs here buddy! Just heat, alcohol, food, and more alcohol and more food!

  2. Merry Christmas from the cold side of the world!

    Actually it's not so cold here now. Maybe next year will be a white Christmas!

  3. Having just spent xmas in the UK, I felt the same. In reverse.