Sunday, 20 September 2009

Restaurant Review: Barmuda

On Saturday morning I went for breakfast to Barmuda in the suburb of Newton with Penne and Clint. Where New York does brunch, Sydney has an early morning breakfast vibe. I hadn't been out for breakfast for a while so I was looking forward to my Saturday morning treat.

I ordered a berry smoothie so thick it came with a spoon while we pondered the menu. There were lots of great choices on the menu, it was a shame I could only choose one thing! The homemade granola with fresh fruit and homemade baked beans were choices I had difficultly looking over. As was the potato stack ordered by Penne and the sweet potato hash Clint chose. I never like to order the same thing as someone else at the table so I ended up deciding on the corn fritters.

My corn fritters came with an avocado salsa, crispy prosciutto, roasted tomatoes and baby spinach. It was a combination of flavours that worked well, but was ever so slightly dry. More avocado salsa and toamtoes? Or a light sauce drizzled over?

The potato stack looked anything but dry. I didn't get a taste, but it looked like a rectangle of potato gratin covered with fluffy scrambled eggs, a few rocket leaves and roasted tomatoes. A hearty start to the day.

I have to admit I was too busy tucking in to have a strong recollection of what Clint ordered. I remember a couple of poached eggs and sweet potato hash? It certainly didn't last very long on Clint's plate so must have been good!

I might be looking for excuses to head back to Newtown so I can visit Barmuda again!

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  1. Looks good!

    Richard, does London have a food "scene" in the same way as NY has brunch and Sydney has breakfast? I have never come across it if it does!

  2. I don't think it does. People don't habitually meet for a set meal. A shame really, but the affordability isn't there.

    Kebab's on the way home?