Monday, 31 August 2009

The lift of doom

Unfortunately my ski weekend in Perisher was not without incident. On Friday afternoon Penne, Clint, Matt and I were on a four person chair lift riding up the mountain.

When we got to the top I slid of the lift as usual and away down the slope. I realised Penne was no longer with me and looked over my shoulder to see her still sitting on the lift, her feet dangling in the air as the lift started to make its turn back down the hill. Was Penne going to stay on the lift? Or make a jump for it? Penne went for the jump and luckily pulled it off safely.

No longer distracted I suddenly heard Matt exclaiming for someone to help release Clint's binding so that he could straighten his leg. By the time I looked round Clint seemed to be ok, but sitting on the ground, had obviously had similar problems to Penne getting off the lift.

Clint was composed, but making mutterings about his weekend being over. Unfortunately he began to fade quite quickly becoming less coherent, while (as all injured people seem to) slurringly trying to reassure us that he was ok. Worryingly Clint momentarily passed out. It is amazing how powerless you feel at the top of mountain unsure what to do.

We called the volunteer mountain rescue team who turned up with great efficiency to whisk Clint away on a snow mobile. Not before a friendly passer by stopped to give us a bottle of very odd coloured water which to help revive Clint.

Penne and Matt giving an enthusiastic wave once we had ascertained Clint was ok.


  1. Pretty sure I passed out due to embarrassment...damn lousy!

  2. I had enormous trouble with the lifts when I went skiing, kept falling off.