Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Steeles B&B

While we were in Darwin stayed at the Steeles B&B, 10mins walk city centre in the suburb of Larrakeyah. I've agonised long and hard over this review, having stayed in someone else's home it takes on a personal dimension. However, I feel a less than complimentary review is warranted.

Now, don't get me wrong, there were lots of positives about the B&B. It has a good location for the city, Cullen Bay and Mindil Beach. The beds were comfy and the rooms were nicely furnished. There was an abundance of fresh towels for both the bathroom and swimming pool.

My main gripe is that, in my opinion, the B&B was bad value. Here's why:

In a B&B you're paying for a Bed and Breakfast. Breakfast is half of the bargain, its supposed to be a bit of an event. Sadly it wasn't an event, there was only toast and cereal of offer. Not a sniff of a cooked breakfast in sight.

We had booked into the B&B for two night (were away for two night on in the Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks) and then again for the final night of our time in Darwin. Before the end of our first two nights we were asked if we could stay our final night back in Darwin at a different B&B, due to this other B&B having stairs and having booked in a guest with mobility problems. It was made to sound as if this other B&B had got themselves into a bit of a mess and could we be part of the solution. A bit of an inconvenience, but I agreed being in laid back holiday mode.

When we arrived at the second home we got a completely different story. They didn't even run a B&B, but their granny flat was used as an overflow for Steeles B&B when they were full. Steeles had made it sound like it wasn't their fault at all, but it felt obvious to me that it had been a booking error on their part. Just one of a few intangibles that just didn't feel quite right.

Finally, when we went on the National Park tour we left a bag at Steeles B&B under the assurance it would be kept under lock and key. When we returned to collect the bag it was sitting on the patio. Anyone could have stolen it!

I could mention a few more things, but I've been told I was waffling.

*For the record I want to say Sue, who we stayed with second, could not have been nicer. Despite not being set up as being a proper B&B or having a pool (a refreshing dip in the Top End is almost mandatory), there was a really friendly, personal service and an obvious effort to make sure you had everything you needed.

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  1. I think your review is surprisingly fair! If I had been mucked about in that way I would have been a lot more scathing.

    You are right about a pool being obligatory. Even my cheapo backpackers had a decent pool.