Thursday, 9 July 2009

Restaurant Review: Hamachi-Ya, Pyrmont

On Saturday night I had dinner at Hamachi-Ya which is a Japanese restaurant in Pyrmont. Every time I have been passed the place has been packed, so when Kren and I were looking for somewhere to go for dinner I was quick to suggest we try there.

They didn’t have any tables when we arrived, so we gave the chirpy waitresses my mobile number and popped to the pub for a quick drink while we waited.

Sushi and sashimi is a speciality of the restaurant, but there were also bento boxes, katsu, tempura and noodles in a surprisingly varied menu.

We started by sharing some mixed sushi. Then a tasty miso soup arrived (I’m not sure if this was part of our bento box or a welcome freebie). The miso was a lot better than your average. Clint has become a recent critic of the standard of Sydney miso, but I think this is one might be up to the challenge.

For the main course we both had bento boxes. Mine had katsu, chicken teriyaki and seafood & vegetable tempura. The teriyaki was my highlight, succulent and moorish. I was so busy munching through my bento box that I can’t remember what Kren had to eat!

The portions were generous, next time I think I’ll order a bit less and share. I’m looking forward to taking Clint back for the miso challenge and sampling more of their menu!

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