Saturday, 16 May 2009

Orange Grove School, Organic Food and Farmers Market

Today I went to the Organic Food and Farmers Market, located at Orange Grove school, Sydney. The market is about a fiften minutes walk from where I am currently staying and it was the second time I have visited since I arrived.

Although called an Organic Food Market, it is a lot more diverse than that. There are an assortment of fruit and vegtable, meat and specialist producer stalls that wouldn't look out of place at Borough Market, albeit on a smaller scale. The food stalls that aren't certified organic carry prominent and helpful signs informing everyone.

As well as food sellers there are book, plant and a couple of clothing stalls. On the school field there was a car boot sale with its jumble of goods.

As you would expect a number of the food stalls were cooking up their wares to tempt the crowds. Last time we went I had a bacon and egg sandwich (see above). A bit more gourmet than those knocked up at Truck Fest.

*Hat Tip to Clint who I stole the photo from and who has written about the market here.


  1. your stealing my pictures now! damn this interweb crime.

    some say it's the best bacon 'n egg in Sydney Ritchie?

  2. I gave you a hat tip, what are you complaining about? You need to get your water mark sorted out....

    I won't disagree, it was lovely, but I'm not sure about "the best" call.