Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sailing in Sydney Harbour

I've just got home from my second sailing lesson in Sydney Harbour. The lessons are run by Pen and Clint's friend Jonathan, who is an expert sailor and has his own sailing school. Unfortunately the winds were virtually non-existent this morning so we spent the time practicing putting up and taking down the main sail, as well as talking about some theory and learning a bit of boat safety.

The most amusing part of the morning came when Jonathan went round the boat asking us all in turn if we felt safe, secure and in control. We all replied that we were perfectly happy, at which point Jonathan pointed out a large tanker coming round the headline. The message was clear, we need to keep our eyes open. Hard to port!

As well as sailing Jonathan also works in TV production. He was part of the moving documentary called Solo following the journey of Andrew McAuley who attempted to kayak from Tasmania to Milford Sound in New Zealand. The documentary was shown in Australia last week. It was aired in the UK on BBC2 in February, but unfortunately is no longer available on the iPlayer. If you get a chance to see the program I would highly recommend it.

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