Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Rubik's Cube: The Perfect Storm

When I was in Thailand the Rubik's cube was going through a resurgence. You saw them for sale at every market and by a lot of the street vendors that appeared each evening with their wares.

When I left Thailand John gave me a Rubik's cube. Thanks John! (I am assuming John gave me the cube, it was left next to my suitcase, so I took it!)

On Aussie TV we have been watching a series by Lawrence Leung who can only be described as a geek. The Rubik's cube has appeared in every one of his programs and was the star of one show when he attempted to become Rubik's cube world champion! He failed in a pathetic but comical fashion. (You'll understand if you ever see the show, he'd rather be funny than actually succeed.)

Today I decided to scramble and then try and solve my cube. After 10 / 15 mins I was completely lost, so I decided to turn to the internet for help. I was using this site and making good progress - using the beginners white cross technique - with the helpful animations.

It was going well and I was getting excited about being able to solve the cube in under sixty seconds with a bit of practice. And then BANG! My cube broke into the pieces you see above.

Sorry John. Especially if I wasn't supposed to take it and you wanted the cube back!

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  1. hahahaha yes mate it was for you for your travels. I was wondering whether you'd taken it!!

    Alas, cheap chinese manufacturing sold on the streets of bangkok. Who would've thought it. But then again, I'm not entirely convinced by your 'i almost got there' story. Are you sure it wasn't a Hulk-esque moment of incredible green (or blue, white, red) rage?

    Strangely enough...Danny in the martial arts shop worked it out (via youtube vids) last week and only this week I've been picking up tips from him. What a coincidence!!!

    Hopefully Danny's won't break before I get there though. haha