Saturday, 25 April 2009

Blog Tinkering

With a lot of prodding in the right direction from Clint I made a few changes to the blog yesterday. All probably unnecessary, but it is nice to re-decorate every once in a while!

None of the changes were very difficult, but they do go slightly beyond the usual template changes and required some editing of the HTML.

First up I added a Twitter feed which you can do very simply by clicking here. I think you need to be signed into both Blogger and Twitter at the time. No changes to HTML needed for this one.

Next I removed the Blogger Navbar from the top of my site. You can't so obviously tell that it is a Blogger blog. (Although it is still pretty obvious!) The easy to follow instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Finally, I created a new Favicon. If like me you have never heard of a Favicon before it stands for Favourites Icon and is the website / shortcut icon associated with the site. If you look up in the address bar you will now see an white on blue background "RE" instead of the old Blogger logo.

You can create a Favicon using this web page. You then need to save it somewhere so your blog can link to it. I have used Google Sites. Lastly you have to make a simple change to your HTML which I found here.

I recently spent some time updating all the labels on my posts for easier categorisation. I hope to add a labels bar to the top of the site soon, although this is harder to do and will require another tutorial from Clint!


  1. Lovin' the 'pimp my blog''s the little things in life Ritchie, like corn beef hash for b'fast for example.

  2. The hash is going to be deserving of a whole post of it's own.

  3. Looks good. I am not logged into Twitter and I can read your feed. There is a telly programme on about Twitter right now!!

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