Sunday, 8 February 2009


I’ve just read this book:
Conclusion: I won’t be making any money from blogging.

Updated: At the request of Blue Eyes here is a quick summary of the key points from the book.

The book emphasises that there is no quick buck to be earnt from blogging and that it takes a long time to build up a blog with sizeable traffic.

First comes building a blog with fantastic content. Focusing on a niche topic, writing regularly, having unique, structured and easily readable posts, with catchy blog titles are all suggested.

Once you have a good blog you need to attract an audience. Methods suggested for doing this include; building a strong network of links, offer quizzes and prizes, comment on other blogs in your related niche, use social networking sites, try to search engine optimise, promote reader participation and joining a blog network. Understand your audience.

Once you have a large audience there are two ways suggested to make money from blogging:
1. Direct – advertising, sponsorship, affiliates commissions and paid reviews.
2. Indirect – freelance writing, speaking engagements, consultancy opportunities and book deals.

Buying and selling or “flipping” blogs can also be a way to make money from blogging.

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  1. Ricardo this post has made me laugh.

  2. I read it too, very lightweight overall. I was hoping for something a bit more insightful than common sense.