Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ideas for the underground: Could it work in the UK?

Mobile phones work on both the Thai and Singaporean underground systems. Not just on the platforms, but in the tunnels too.

When this has been suggested in the UK, my initial reaction has always been strongly against. I think it could be infuriating to have people bellowing "HELLO, I'M ON THE UNDERGROUND!"

However, it hasn't got on my nerves once while I've been here. People often seem to have their phones on vibrate and speak very quietly when they are talking. I haven't heard anyone shout even once.

I'm still not sure it would work in the UK. Are the Brits socially responsible enough not to be a real pain to others? Would we implement it correctly so that there was a decent signal strength and you could talk quietly? Or am I just being melodramatic?

Tunnel TV on the other hand I think could be a good addition. It would give you something interesting to watch during your journey. Small cameras on the outside of the train project images onto the walls of the tunnel as you speed along.

Both the Thai and Singaporean underground systems have air conditioning. But I am realistic enough not to expect that any time soon in the UK.....


  1. I want to post something about loud Americans talking on their cells on public transport, but I won't...damn lousy!

  2. Are the Brits socially responsible enough not to be a real pain to others?


    And many would take serious offence if they were asked to pipe down, too. I was snarled at for asking someone to put their phone on silent *at work* yesterday.

  3. Reminds me of that comedian who recommends setting an alarm on your mobile phone for 3 minutes after you get onto a rush hour filled London tube. Then shouting out really loudly:

    "The shares are going down HOW much? Oh my god yes, sell immediately, sell everything. Oh thank god I had a signal."