Thursday, 29 January 2009

Restaurant Review: Sukishi, Bangkok

John and I went for lunch today at Sukishi, which is a small chain of restaurants in Bangkok serving Korean and Japanese food.

We both went for their lunchtime special Steak Set. You get a small plate of grilled steak and fish, dipping sauces, rice, pickles, miso soup, fruit and a drink all for just over £3. Great value and deliciously tasting!

One of their specialities is to have an at your table BBQ, hence the extractor fan above our heads. They also serve my favourite Korean dish the Bi Bim Bob, which I had when I visited last week. And a wide range of Japanese sushi and sashimi.

It's a great place to go when you want something a bit more up market than the food court or street stall, but still reasonably priced.

Sukishi is one of the few restaurants to add a 10% service charge to your bill, unusual in Thailand where there isn't a big tipping culture.

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