Monday, 12 January 2009

Reader Dispatch: New York

My good friend Olly Kendall writes for Guardian Unlimited, which gave me the idea to try and tout my services and see if I could get anyone interested in some travel articles while I'm away.

My first efforts were published on the Guardian Been there! site today. You can see the page here. Strangely, my throw away sentences at the start of my email were also included!

Shakespearemate - see if you can spot the plagiarism. I thought it only fair after you published my photos on your blog! ;-)

Unfortunately, I'm not getting paid for my literary services at the moment, but you have to start somewhere!


  1. That is one of the Guardian's and not mine sadly!

  2. Yeah, I was lovin the photo too Ritchie...claim it my friend!

    Nice...good to see that what goes around comes around. Least the teacher won't mark you down for it.