Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bangkok Baby!!

I arrived in Bangkok yesterday and have already got the keys to the flat that I am going to be renting while I'm here. I hope to post a video online sometime in the next few days, so you can all see what it looks like.

The flight with Emirates was pretty good. They have a deserved reputation for being a good airline. The food, customer service, entertainment system and leg room were all better than I've experienced with other airlines in economy. The coolest thing was that you can watch the a camera in the nose and underbelly of the plane at any time. Take of and landing were pretty cool!

Traditional, for my trips to Thailand at least, to get over the jet lag we went out partying. Model Nights are a big thing here in Bangkok. If you've got a model card, bars and clubs give you free drinks vouchers. I was a hanger on with the beautiful people.

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  1. Try and leave some food for the locals Ritchie...I heard the price of papaya has increased when they heard you had arrived!