Sunday, 17 August 2008

Birthday Celebrations Part II

Mum and dad's 60th birthday celebrations continued as Ruth and I decided to take them away for the weekend.

A few years ago we were into the habit of going to Le Petit Blanc in Oxford to celebrate birthdays. We were going to revive this tradition until we read a review of the Elephant in Pangbourne by Paddy Birt, in one of my favourite Saturday paper columns, Room Service.

Paddy Birt reviews the hotel far more eloquently than I can. But suffice to say I agree that the hotel has a stylish tea plantation feel. The food in the restaurant was good, classic food cooked well at sensible prices.

My starter was a ducks egg served with black pudding, crispy bacon and baby spinach. After dinner Ruth and I left mum and dad to stay the night.

Ruth and I came back on Sunday morning to pick mum and dad up. Before we headed home we went for a walk down by the Thames.

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