Sunday, 20 July 2008

Truckfest 2008

I've spent the weekend helping at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire. Like last year I was helping the Rotary Club of Didcot who run the catering tent. A team of volunteers put in some seriously hard work cooking burgers, bacon rolls, chips, donuts and more for over 12 hours each day. There are 6,000 people on site during the festival and most pass through the catering tent several times during the weekend. All of the money raised is donated to charity. We weren't quite as efficient as the ruthless Chipotle*, but I think we did pretty well keeping up with the hordes.

It's good fun, but you do come home smelling of chip fat and need a couple of baths before the smell is gone!

*Chipotle is a Mexican takeaway in the US that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. An amazing website for online ordering, but pretty intimidating in the restaurant. The ruthlessly efficient staff pass you down the line and barely give you time to order.

UPDATE: Just under £25,000 was raised for charity.


  1. I hope you will tell us how much you raised once you have counted the dosh! What charity is it going towards?

  2. In the past we have made as much as £25,000 for charity. I'll post here with the final amount once all the money is counted.

    The money is divided between local charities. There is normally a good variety of community groups supported.